Donald Trump touts trade and defends tariffs as he oversees groundbreaking of Foxconn in Wisconsin

MOUNT PLEASANT - Touting trade, defending tariffs and shoveling Wisconsin dirt, President Donald Trump dominated Thursday`s groundbreaking of the Foxconn Technology Group facility.

He called plans to build a sprawling high-tech campus on what last year were soybean, corn and cabbage fields "the eighth wonder of the world," and touched on a range of issues during a speech to hundreds of business and political leaders inside a Foxconn building.

And, yes, he even took a swipe at Milwaukee-based Harley-Davidson, which announced this week that it is moving some production overseas in response to the European Union slapping a 31% tariff on motorcycles made in the United States...

As Foxconn Breaks Ground in Wisconsin, the Costs to Taxpayers Go Up

Ken Notes: Late edition so I could add a few of these stories... Please see my notes on HD below -- Trump and others are commenting without an understanding of the issues HD is dealing with.

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