Mount Pleasant Panel Recommends Foxconn Land Plan With Eminent Domain Powers

Critics Argue Redevelopment Plan Could Trample Property Rights

A development committee in Racine County has passed a land use plan to help make way for the Foxconn Technology Group manufacturing facility being built there.

The Community Development Authority in the Village of Mount Pleasant has given its okay to a proposal covering about 2900 acres. The plan would help the village use powers of eminent domain to obtain property from several residents who still own land Foxconn wants for its huge proposed complex...


Ken Notes: I remember these issues in downtown Neenah, they are not easy. Here is a recommendation for every community in the state. First review and update you comprehensive plans. Second meet with property owners now before a project is on the table and discuss what may happen, the process, and how you plant to act. Finally be fair and if you can acquire land even if a project is not eminent do so it is a good investment and will pay off in the future. Also use your Extraterritorial Plat Review process to control development on land you see in your industrial future.

Remember when a project is on the table the property owner can make life difficult and lawyers are standing in line to "help" them.

One more note, this is the best case I know of for working multijurisdictionally now to create potential sites for development. I always thought shared revenue earmarked for this would be a good idea.

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