Wisconsin lauded in new study on government spending transparency

Wisconsin ranks among the top four U.S. states for its efforts to make state financial data readily accessible to taxpayers, according to a recently released national study. Some observers see plenty of room for improvement.

Wisconsin received an “A” grade in an analysis titled “Following the Money 2018,” which was published last month by the U.S. Public Interest Research Group Education Fund. The state was singled out for providing helpful graphs and charts, customizable search functions and other useful tools on its state spending portal, OpenBook.wi.gov.


Ken Notes: We do a nice job here, I wish that the legislature read these reports and took more accountability for the past successes and failures. We ignore the past and often fund politically motivated projects and then forget about them. Kestrel Aircraft Company comes to mind, if we had simply tied our incentive package to a pay as you go development agreement and future tax credits we would not be trying to now squeeze blood from a turnip.

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