STEM Leaders


When someone mentions Wisconsin, the tendency is to think of the Packers, cheeseheads and the cool things that are made there like Harleys, specialty cheese, ships and combat trucks. The Madison Region has no problem with that because its agricultural and advanced manufacturing sectors are thriving. However, in the past few decades the region has established itself as a legitimate powerhouse in STEM clusters as well.

Much of the recent growth can be traced back to the University of Wisconsin-Madison, which is consistently among the top five research institutions in the country with over $1 billion of research being done annually. The UW spins out ideas and products but, more importantly, it graduates 21st century talent, much of which tends to stay and make an impact on the state’s economy. For instance, Judy Faulkner, after receiving her Master’s degree in Computer Sciences at the UW, founded Epic Systems which now boasts nearly 10,000 employees and better than half of the U.S. market for electronic health records...


Ken Notes: We train the best but many in fact most leave the state after graduation. We need to work with WARF, EPIC and others to keep the experts and the tech in the state... I would be happy to talk about these opportunities with your group or organization...

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