UW-Madison grads follow trend of ‘brain drain’ in Wisconsin

When Genevieve Pfister and Samuel Fritz, who are both graduating this spring, became friends in their electrical engineering class last year, they were unsure where they would end up after graduation. Now, Fritz is preparing to pursue a job as paralegal in Milwaukee and Pfister is relocating to Texas to work at a top engineering company.

Nine out of 10 out-of-state UW-Madison graduates, like Pfister, leave the state after graduation, according to data compiled by the Wisconsin State Economic Development Association. They are the reason Walker rolled out a $6.8 million investment plan last week that emphasizes in-state retention and recruitment efforts, in an effort to boost state employment...


Ken Notes: We can fix this:

  • Offer a bottom line tax rebate on the interest paid on student loans for Wisconsin public schools.

  • Work with WARF to keep innovations in the state.

  • Create loans for Wis grads attending state schools with an insentive to remain in WI after graduation.

  • Work with established expanding firms and young startups in the state and offer tax credits based on UW and WTCS hires.

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