Viva Los Dells

If you ask Adam and Grant Mills what is the secret to their success, they’ll credit the Madison public school system. The twin brothers, who graduated from West High School in 2001, had no plans to attend college and “wanted nothing to do with books or classrooms” until they got involved with DECA, a marketing and business development program for high school students.

“That was our first opportunity to jump into business,” says Adam Mills, 34. “We started developing business plans, started getting into hospitality. The term for that is entrepreneurship, but we didn’t call it that.”

The brothers continued honing their marketing skills while at college in Dayton, Ohio, working as representatives for brands like Four Loko and Red Bull and eventually getting into event promotion after undergrad. Now they’re running their own company, Event CRU, which has put on major festivals in such cities as Las Vegas, Seattle and Minneapolis. They’re based in Las Vegas, but they’ve “always been talking about figuring out a way to make it back to Wisconsin and do a festival there,” Mills says....


Ken Notes: Damn these boys are smart! And the Dells is the perfect performance venue for an event like this!!! READ THIS...

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