Homeless advocates to Wisconsin lawmakers: `We don`t really even have a plan.`

MADISON - Wisconsin shouldn`t settle for seeing its citizens sleep beneath bridges or in cars or storage units, advocates told lawmakers Tuesday.

Carrie Poser, who directs a nonprofit dealing with homelessness, told of seeing people sleeping along the Chippewa River around Eau Claire.

"It’s an eye-opening experience to walk up to a cave and see a guy sleeping there. It’s not OK. ... There has to be a way. We`re better than that as a society," she said.   ...more

Ken Notes: I agree and the profit motive on the business side will continue to push the current agenda forward and it doesn`t work. And before anyone points fingers it is not a bad thing for developers and trades to profit from the current programs. I am just suggesting we rethink the path to success -- Hand up vs. hand out... oh and a vast array of solutions...

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