Wisconsin Stands Strong in Efforts to Promote Science Research, Industry, and Education

BioForward shows support for science in Wisconsin and March for Science.

MADISON, Wis.--()--As a voice of Wisconsin’s biohealth industry, BioForward supports Wisconsin’s commitment in science research, industry, and education in the state. Science is at the heart of Wisconsin’s well known research institutions, health care systems, biohealth companies, and world-renowned universities. From life-saving medical research to technology used daily, science impacts every individual’s life.

Wisconsin’s biohealth industry continues to be critical to the state economy, contributing $27 billion in economic output each year, according the 2015 Wisconsin Bioscience Economic Development Report. Over 1,600 biohealth companies call Wisconsin home, and more than 36,000 job are a direct result of the biohealth industry in the state.

“Without science, none of what we put our heart and soul into as an industry and state would be possible,” said Nicolas Paris, CEO of Gilson, Inc..


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