Republican bills target homelessness in Wisconsin
MADISON, Wis. (AP) -- Republican lawmakers introduced four bills Wednesday to address homelessness issues in Wisconsin.

One proposal from Assembly Majority Leader Jim Steineke and Sen. Alberta Darling would create an Interagency Council on Homelessness chaired by Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch. Council members would include the secretaries from several state agencies, officials from four organizations that serve the homeless, the state superintendent of public instruction and the executive director of the Wisconsin Housing and Economic Development Authority....

Ken Notes: I hope they consider:

  • Creative use of micro apartments/condos and tiny stick built homes to provide low cost fast solutions. These provide  both shelter and establishes a path to home ownership.

  • Self sustaining resource centers that are run more like a health club or co-working facility. These should be available to anyone wanting to use them not just the homeless. Homeless could receive stipends to pay the "dues". 

  • Education of homeless youth should be something we focus on. In addition we need to educate the public on the issues and ways they can help. Also business needs to learn that solving this problem is good for the entire economy.

  • A return to better mental health care for the homeless. Even if it has to be outpatient based we need to help create the mental stability needed to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

  • Every grocery store and restaurant should be encouraged to donate unsold or surplus food to shelters and kitchens with impunity as long as they reasonably assume it is safe to consume. 

  • Alcohol and drug dependency treatment again even if it outpatient based.

  • Private sector, health care provider, and religious based partnerships with public entities. Many of the best programs are small groups helping just a few or even an individual or family. Imagine if every Service Club, Church, Neighborhood Association, and business district build one small home per year.

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