Milwaukee Public Transit Presents Barriers To Employment In Suburbs
Report: About A Third Of Residents In Neighborhoods With High Unemployment Go Without Access To Personal Vehicle...

A new report from the Public Policy Forum shows limited public transit is a barrier to getting unemployed Milwaukee residents into growing job markets in the city`s suburbs.

Some Milwaukee residents who rely on public transit to commute may still have to travel an additional three miles by bike, walking, etc. to their job after taking public transportation to the closest stop, according to the report.

Joe Peterangelo, who helped author the report and is a senior researcher at the Milwaukee-based Public Policy Forum, said one solution they`re seeing in other cities is using vans instead of buses to improve the flexibility of routes....


Ken Notes: We need to work with businesses to rethink transit in Wisconsin. We are designing systems from the wrong perspective because we have been using models developed in the 50`s and 60`s and we are determined to use large buses and stops every few blocks. The state actually has a van system that allows employees to share a vehicle based on their needs and design. In many cases it makes more sense to let a few people develop the best route and schedule.

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