Q&A: Why Sunrun chose Wisconsin as its first Midwest market

The solar company Sunrun officially launched a new operation in Wisconsin on March 29, making it the first of the major national solar companies to offer service in the Midwest. The company has seven new employees working in southeast Wisconsin and plans to hire more than 50 within a year.

Wisconsin has for several years been seen as a battleground over the future of distributed solar, with utilities and the Public Service Commission appointed by Gov. Scott Walker making various requests and decisions seen as hostile to solar development. Solar advocates and developers – including Sunrun – have repeatedly said the state was forgoing job growth and economic opportunity as a result...

Ken Notes: SunPeak is also in the state and doing great work and MGE has done a project or two. We need to get the Governor and Legislature on board and they need to realize that the new technologies are rapidly moving Solar forward. It is now cost effective. This is good for jobs, development, and the economy.


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