Funding approved for Dodge County Airport

JUNEAU – Funding for a $1.9 million design and construction project was approved by the state for a runway at Dodge County Airport.

Gov. Scott Walker’s office announced approval of the funding to design and reconstruct Runway 8/26 at the Dodge County Airport.

Lucas Ward, P.E., airport development engineer with the Wisconsin Department of Transportation said the project will improve safety and pavement conditions at Dodge County Airport. Construction should be completed by October 2018.


Ken Notes: Just an observation, when we have a positive cash flow we tend to throw in at local airports. These airports are often the playground on the wealthier side of the community.

I do not object to this, I just wonder how we establish our priorities. If Dodge County had a unrestricted two million dollar wind fall, would local leaders chose the airport above all other projects.

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