What`s going on with renovations at the Madison Municipal Building?

A $30 million plan to renovate the landmark Madison Municipal Building could be delayed two months, city engineers estimate, after bids from two general contractors came in significantly over the city’s budget.

The city budgeted $21.3 million for the construction phase of the two-year project, but the two options received by the city Jan. 27 included a $29.6 million bid from Miron Construction and a $32 million bid from Tri-North Builders. The Board of Public Works rejected the bids Feb. 8.

“I don’t think it was in any of our wildest nightmares that we would be $8 to $10 million over budget    ...more

Ken Notes: I may have mentioned a number close to this and even done according to plan you could get far more with new construction or refurbishing a more modern building...

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