Wisconsin businesses made $21 billion from foreign exports last year – here`s who`s buying what we make

Wisconsin companies exported $21.2 billion worth of products to sellers outside the United States in 2016, a dip of about 6 percent from the previous year.

Despite the state`s identity as the Dairy State, manufactured goods are far and away the top Wisconsin exports, including the top five product categories.

The top category, industrial machinery, comprises nearly a quarter of the total and includes heavy equipment like fire trucks and other specialty vehicles made by Oshkosh Corp., mining equipment from Milwaukee`s Joy Global and cranes from Manitowoc Co. Dairy products, including eggs and honey, made up just 1.18 percent of state exports last year.


Ken Notes: Great details here! This is a bit of rerun but we do want to point out that is good that media picks up stories that appear in WDN and expands on them or reprints them. Please remember to credit original sources and a WisconsinDevelopment.com mention is always appreciated.

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