How to make mental health a priority during the coronavirus pandemic

.....There needs to be an opportunity to consider what closure is. For each person, that could be different. But again, it`s like something ending abruptly where there was no finish. There was no end. So how do we determine that this was the end for us and move forward and believe that we did not have control over this? It`s common in times of acute stress to be sidelined from our self-care basics. Going back to finding routines can alleviate some of the emotional strain. How each person individually determines how they`re going to identify closure is very unique.

Some people are still in shock. We don`t know how each athlete is coping with loss or grieving the loss of their season. But understand that it`s normal for them to have different feelings. Those different feelings can be throughout a day or a different feeling each day. Again, as anyone can research and look up the stages of grief, it`s very easy to be angry. Like, "Who decided this?" It`s very easy to be depressed. All of those feelings that we generally experience during the loss of a loved one can be true for the loss of this.....


Bethany`s Notes: Some good information from a LCSW to help you and your team deal with the anxiety around the COVID-19 situation. Each individual will grieve differently with the loss of a season, a senior year, a conference championship opportunity. My recommendation is to continue to find ways to connect with your team and staff. Let them know you are there regularly.

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