MIAA, Adrian College tackle mental health
.....Suicide hit close to home for one MIAA-member school last November when Albion College’s Zachary Winston killed himself when he stepped in front of a train. Winston, a brother of Michigan State University basketball standout Cassius Winston, was known as cheerful and friendly.
The tragic death shook the small college. In a column written by the Detroit Free Press’ Jeff Seidel, the death of Winston created a sort of movement on Albion’s campus where students reached out to one another and information was distributed on suicide prevention.....
.....Allen-Cook said some athletes think if they let a coach know they’re having a mental health issue they might be treated differently.

Adrian College is trying to overcome that stigma, according to its representatives.

“An area that AC will look to improve on is education of faculty and coaches, so they are comfortable having the difficult conversation with a student and know the appropriate methods of referral to best help that student,” Sharp said. “This will also include an emergency action plan for mental health concerns.”.....


Bethany`s Notes: Mental health does not discriminate. You can be a DI Walk on athlete or a DIII National Champion. It is important for all coaches to be educated on how to best work with mental health issues concerns. Coaches should be able to identify and refer an athlete they have concerns about.

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