NFL player `not ashamed or embarrassed` he left game due to anxiety-related illness
....."It did, but I felt exhausted. The nausea came back, and I tried to battle through it and went out for the first drive. The nausea and vomiting came back until I left the field, and tried everything I could to get back for my teammates but just wasn`t able to do it."

Brooks, who was drafted by the Houston Texans in 2012, has missed five games over his seven-year career due to anxiety-related illness, most recently in 2016, when he missed a pair of games, according to ESPN....

...."Make no mistake, I`m NOT ashamed or embarrassed by this nor what I go through daily,`` he wrote. "I`ve had this under control for a couple of years, and had a set back yesterday. The only thing I`m upset about is that when my team needed me, I wasn`t able to be out there with and for them. Lastly, I appreciate the support of my coaches, teammates and fans. It doesn`t go unnoticed.".....

Bethany`s Notes: Let`s give a guy a break who has missed a total of 5 games his whole career due to anxiety. Glad to see the coach and team supporting him.

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