Coaches Need to Be at the Front Line of Addressing Disordered Eating in Runners
....In fact, it’s an issue I began sharing in 2013 when I started Running in Silence. Although I was never personally told to lose weight by anyone—my coach always stressed putting my health before my performances—the lack of education for eating disorders in athletes allowed my eating disorder to get worse under the radar. No one really knew until I myself spoke up about it. And the more I have opened up on my website, the more other runners have reached out. I hear from somebody at least every few weeks—sometimes more—to talk about their lost passion for the sport, career-ending injuries, the eating disorder that continued to plague them in secrecy, or how their coach or parents encouraged them to lose weight......   ...more

Bethany`s Notes: I met the author of this article in February this past year. She told her story and it was heart wrenching. Athletes are humans and so are coaches. As coaches we need to have an open door policy and not always have the quick answer. In addition, athletes need to continue to talk about their challenges until someone helps them get to the additional help they need.

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