It’s An Illness Not A Weakness: Mental Health And Athletes
.....For Bates Athletes, the added stress of competing both in the classroom and on their respective playing fields can take a toll, similar to what Schaedig describes. This year Bates has addressed the stresses of athletes lives by creating a “committee of coaches and staff meeting regularly to develop a larger-scale mental health promotion initiative for student- athletes,” the Office of Residence Life and Health Education wrote.

“As part of this initiative, all 31 varsity teams have completed a 90-minute workshop starting formal conversations about mental health,” it continued. “After participating in the workshops, all sports teams attended a keynote address highlighting specific strategies for student-athletes.”.....


Bethany`s Notes: Perhaps it is time for HS`s and colleges to have yearly workshops around mental health and key strategies. One of the reasons I have created the mental edge camp where we talk about some of those key components to mental health.

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