Coaches are changing the way they communicate with players
...."I think this generation is not tolerant. That`s not a bad thing. But back in the day, coaches could pretty much do anything, say anything. Nobody really complained. Now (players) know better. They`re demanding to be treated better," Notre Dame coach Muffet McGraw said. "(But) kids are going to get yelled at. They need to be able to take a little bit of that."

Many coaches say it`s about how they communicate now that is important. What was said years ago in practice or games is taken differently now.

"Players can misconstrue what you say. They read into tone maybe more than they should," Oregon coach Kelly Graves said. "You have to adapt a little bit to this generation. They are different. They are wired differently. They think differently. I think the best coaches figure out how they can communicate differently with their players as they change.".....


Bethany`s Notes: Have we as coaches figured out a way to communicate with this generation? Do you know how your athletes respond to criticism? Just recently I had an interaction with some athletes who took something I said and twisted it to think I didn`t think they could do something. I had the opportunity to talk to those athletes again and let them know it wasn`t in their best interest to do certain work which was why I initially said they should not do it. Follow up and ask questions, clarify, and help them understand what you really mean.

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