This York County school is trying to change the conversation around mental health in sports
...."I think we inundate them with so many things that they have to balance in life," said King, who is the student and family services coordinator for the York Suburban School District. "Between athletics, academics, work, family, all these different priorities. We`re forgetting to educate on the importance of time management and balance. 

"I think it all focuses back to worth. They think, `I have to do all of these things at an expected level, or I don`t matter.`".....

....."Just observing all the different buildings, when they don`t perform the way they`re supposed to, there`s a full-on mental breakdown," said King. "And the inability to cope with peer interactions because they`re bogged down that they didn`t achieve this athletic goal......


Bethany`s Notes: I have to vs. I want to are very different. Make sure kids take ownership of their sport...if they don`t want to you may need to ask why.

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