On Sports Media: HeadStrong is a must-see sports documentary
.....“Our goal was to give athletes who wished to discuss their mental issues a platform to bring those stories to life,” said Ted Griggs, the program’s executive producer who was formerly a part of NBC Sports Bay Area. By allowing viewers to see those stories we hope that both men and women will not fear confronting their own mental health issues.”

In the last 10 years, teams in every major professional league — not just in the United States, but worldwide — have hired not just sport psychologists and life coaches, but other mental health professionals to help athletes deal with depression, anger issues and other life struggles. Beyond that, these mental health professionals help athletes better connect with their families, manage expectations and relate to teammates — all crucial in team-building...


Bethany`s Notes: Try to watch the documentary HeadStrong when you have a chance. It will take you into the real minds of athletes at the highest level.

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