‘Then they break down’: CSU athletes talk mental health
.....“Athletes who walk through my door have no self-esteem,” said Jimmy Stewart, senior coordinator of counseling services for student athletes. “It’s based on doing something successful, which then means if they aren’t successful, … then they’re worthless. That is the biggest threat to athletes’ mental health.".....
.....Stewart said a big issue for athletes is the way they determine their value and worth through their athletic and academic success. This often leads to depression, anxiety and other mental issues.

“Oftentimes, when people are troubled in their personal lives, their ability to play football becomes better because it’s an escape,” Stewart said. “You get out there and you are able to go and go, and there is a feeling of relief of getting rid of that energy.”

Then they break down, Stewart said.....


Bethany`s Notes: Success can mean many things to many different people. You don`t have to be a star in anything to be successful. Everyone has some gift/talent to share just because that is how they were created.

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