Our Road Map Through the Storm

These last two years have been an intense storm in our life. Someone observed recently that our family had experienced every significant life change within a few months. We experienced a major illness, work upheaval, a move two states away, a sibling`s death, kids moving into and out of our home, starting a business, all while trying to finish graduate school.

There were moments when grief overwhelmed and our tears flowed. Hearing that another surgery was needed, the impending death of a brother, saying goodbye to church family who we have loved as our own--all were points of crushing loss. Some days tears were necessary to release the pain we were walking through. We did not pretend that there was no pain to grieve, but wept together knowing that God cares about each tear that falls.


Kathleen Notes: The same Jesus who allows the storm to come in the first place, also provides His strength and resources to weather it successfully.

- - Volume: 5 - WEEK: 35 Date: 9/1/2017 7:00:49 AM -