Finding your place as a parent of adult children

It’s time for your kids to make decisions, and maybe mistakes.

It is our job to leave the door open for an invitation to give our opinion. This isn’t to say that it’s never right to offer our advice unsolicited. However, that should be reserved for the prompting of the Holy Spirit. The less often you do, the more seriously your child will take it when given. 

Getting someone to agree with my opinion is not the objective. Rather, humbly warning someone of a possible mistake looming and their glad acceptance of wisdom is the end I have in mind. I usually know that the Holy Spirit is directing me to instruct when I am nervous about confronting. If something blurts out of my mouth, I’m probably just annoyed and voicing my way of thinking.


Kathleen Notes: We teach our children how to walk, and then we teach them how to walk away.....

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