6 Tips for Transitioning an Anxious Kid into a New School Year
It never fails: When August rolls around, parents begin calling the office. They are calling about their child, who made so much progress toward the end of the previous spring that we reduced or eliminated sessions. But as soon as the back-to-school supplies show up in stores, sleep patterns are disrupted, instances of acting out increase, and general chaos begins.

The children I see in my office often don’t realize why they are feeling so dysregulated. They blame situations with friends, their siblings, and their parents to externalize the cause for their behavior. Sometimes parents don’t even recognize the cause of increased anxiety. As I start asking questions to try to dig toward the cause of the change, I’ll hear tell-tale signals that school anxiety is building beneath the surface. “She’s crossing off the days on the calendar until school begins,” or “He asked if he could send an email to last year’s teacher.”


Kathleen Notes: Remember that to your child, his/her challenges are as big to them as yours are to you. Kids don`t need to escape the challenge but learn how to handle them effectively. That can be hard to teach if you lack the necessary skills yourself. Consider seeking help from a counselor....

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