Cyber Babies and the Threat to the Development of Secure Attachment Relationships
Do we have time to wait for the studies before we understand that excessive parent cyber habits and infant use of devices can impair the attachment relationship? "NO!" advocates Aiken. And neither should any of us, as a world society, stand back and wait. Here`s the issue, we already know that there are several variables that can impede the development of secure attachments such as, childhood abuse, neglect, loss, and other trauma experiences. But what must be understood is that the cyber effect now poses a new modern-day threat that can impede the development of healthy attachment relationships. This cannot be taken lightly.

When something is vulnerable to existence, we need to pay attention and take care.

What this means is, is that infants who would otherwise have received lots of joyful interactive playful contact from their moms and dads, if say those same infants were born over 15-20 years ago, are now competing for their parents` attention with their highly addictive gadgets. This negatively impacts the on-going attachment and bonding process resulting in a life-long impairment in our emotional, cognitive and social development.


Kathleen Notes: I cannot overstate the important of attachment to human development. Children need (like air, food and water) their parents attention and interaction.

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