Delicious Difference
Dr. Bud lists double this amount of neuroscience, but since this is just a blog post, not a book (I’m happy to recommend his book if you want to read more), this should be sufficient to make the point that this isn’t about any specific opinion, it’s about the reality of neuroscience. One of Dr. Bud’s students tried to argue (for political and social purposes) that except for our genitals, men and women are identical, to which he responds, “our brains are even more different than the rest of our bodies.”

Understanding this research makes me appreciate marriage as much as it makes me appreciate my wife. There is so much I can learn from my wife as God designed us, to better understand her, to study her and learn from this aspect of her humanity that is simply not natural to me.

Kathleen Notes: Each spouse brings a different set of thoughts and abilities to the table. Not wrong, not better or worse, just different.

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