12 Healthier Alternatives to Screen Time When Kids Are Stuck at Home With No School

YouTube, TikTok, Disney+, Netflix, Nintendo Switch. Despite our best intentions, screen time does tend to creep up when the going gets tough. It’s certainly no shock, right parents? 

They’re feeling under the weather. You’ve got a headache. You are trying (desperately!) to work from home. You’re on a conference call and you NEED them to be quiet for 30 minutes. (And, then there’s what your boss told you needs to be done ASAP after. So add another 45 minutes.)

It’s life in the digital age. But pediatric psychologist Kate Eshleman, PsyD, says thinking outside the box is the best way to minimize the amount of time your kids spend staring at their device of choice. Need some inspiration? Here are her top 12 recommendations for disconnecting without hearing the dreaded, “But I’m soooooo bored!”


Kathleen Notes: Some really good suggestions,and not just for kids... take a look!

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