When Feelings Are in the Driver’s Seat

What we know about feelings and emotions….

Good feelings are desirable. People spend billions of dollars and risk their health and very lives in their search for good feelings. Who among us doesn’t like to feel great? A Spring day, the brisk air, sunshine, flowers, butterflies, and a picnic under a tree on a hillside. I’ll take that in a heartbeat. (Feels good just to imagine it!)

–Feelings are fickle. Feelings are poor barometers of anything. Emotions can be manipulated by the food we eat, the amount we sleep, fatigue, temper, the conditions around us, the last thing our boss said to us, and a thousand other factors.

Feelings are often detached from reality. You’re on the phone with someone and suddenly, you sense the line is dead or that they’ve left. You call their name. “I’m here,” your party answers. That inner sense misled you.


Kathleen Notes: Just because you think something doesn`t make it true...

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