Social distancing destroys our lives as social beings
It is a reminder of the degree to which our social and cultural life and our parliamentary processes, in fact our whole model of work and play, depend on physical proximity to other humans. It is an integral feature of most activities in which we engage and the buildings in which they happen. There is talk of social distancing being required for a long time. Let us be realistic about what this means. Social distancing means the destruction of our life as social beings. For centuries, humans have put up with worse epidemic diseases than this and conserved the things which make humanity wonderful. Will we be the first generation who can’t face it?   ...more

Kathleen Notes: God designed us as social beings, it`s in our DNA. We can`t alter that and expect to be OK. I fear the damage we are doing to people, especially children.

- - Volume: 8 - WEEK: 25 Date: 6/18/2020 11:00:39 AM -