How to Have Productive, Insightful Conversations: The Vertical Questioning Technique

Have you recently moved and wish you could make new friends?

Do you have lots of acquaintances but want more close friends?

Is it hard for you to make meaningful connections on first dates?

Is your spouse asking you for more emotional closeness or connection?

Did you grow up in a family that avoided meaningful conversation (Childhood Emotional Neglect or CEN) and now it’s hard for you?

Do you dread social gatherings because you struggle to make chitchat with people?

Do you need to socialize or network for your job and find it difficult or unpleasant?

Do you find small talk boring, meaningless, or useless?

— Then this technique is for you!


Kathleen Notes: A great technique that is actually fairly easy to learn. One note though, it can be a bit intense for some people, especially if they don`t want to or know how to connect with their emotions. That doesn`t mean you shouldn`t use it, just be aware that some folks may need to go slow for a bit.

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