Need a Summer Vacation With Your Spouse? 8 Ideas

Are you aching for a summer vacation with your spouse? Time away from the kids, work, and home to invest in a little marriage R&R?

Having hunkered down for months, we’ve all seen more of our homes than we’ve probably liked. And I don’t know about you, but having “VACATION” underlined, circled, and written in red on my calendar makes me really happy.

Kind of giddy, actually.

And I’d wager the thought of a romantic getaway with your spouse about now makes you a little (or a lot) giddy too.

Yet options are limited. International travel probably isn’t our best bet. Cruises are questionable. We also might have personal limitations—whether it’s our own or a loved one’s health, job loss, or even lingering social restrictions.

But maybe, with a little creativity, a summer vacation with just you and your love is still possible.

Here are eight ideas for a romantic summer getaway for you to consider. Maybe one will be right up your alley!


Kathleen Notes: Some great ideas..I like #2 and #4

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