Rediscovering fatherhood in the plague year

Few Father’s Days could be more important than the one approaching. COVID-19 is a crisis that will require the strengths of dad and the family to restore the nation to full economic prosperity. Similarly, the racial crisis will not be solved until fatherlessness and the consequent boy crisis are addressed.

How? COVID has left us with a few hints.

Even as the coronavirus has deprived many dads of the ability to provide, it has allowed many children to value dad’s time as much as dad’s dime. It has helped many dads experience at a deeper level that, while their career is for now, their children are forever. And it is bringing to the conscious level an unconscious “Father’s Catch-22” — the pressure to love his family by being away from the love of his family.

Since the mid-`60s, an ever-increasing number of our children have found themselves separated from their dads. This rise of father absence often leaves single moms overwhelmed; dads depressed with neither purpose nor love; children more likely to be damaged in over 50 developmental areas; and pockets of fatherlessness that become pockets of crime.


Kathleen Notes: Fathers, you are so important and our society has made it seem otherwise for the last several decades. Our society is reaping what we have sown and we have a chance to stop and heal. Will we take this opportunity seriously?

- - Volume: 8 - WEEK: 25 Date: 6/18/2020 11:09:20 AM -