We Need Rituals Now More Than Ever
I believe that we’ve never needed rituals more than we need them right now. I’m not talking about rituals as elaborate religious ceremonies. I’m talking about the quirky ways that you come together as a family, like over a meal....
.....The big thing about rituals is that we feel terrible if they get disrupted. We count on them. Rituals provide an anchor when the seas are rough, and they remind us that we are part of a family when life feels topsy-turvy. Research shows that regular and dependable rituals can help families remain resilient during difficult times.
Rituals are different from routines. Routines help us get done what we have to get done, making sure there is time set aside for working, playing, eating, teeth-brushing, showering, checking social media, and other important activities. Routines give structure to the day, while rituals offer connection and meaning. Routines tell kids what to expect and plan for, while rituals help kids feel at home, feel that they belong.


Kathleen Notes:...and as humans, we are in a constant search for meaning...

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