When Preteens Break Your Video Game Rules

12 year olds can be tough! Their brains are rewiring so they can be volatile. And suddenly their peers are very important to them, and we are less important to them, so we have less influence. That`s why maintaining a really good relationship with a child as they head into the preteen and teen years is so important, even as it can be tough to do......

.....So in this situation, your 6th grader was apparently actually sick (as corroborated by the school nurse) and had to be picked up at school to come home early, at some inconvenience to you and to the detriment of the preschooler. You told him no video games. Which, btw, I commend you on. I think is a very good rule -- if he is home sick, he can sleep or read or hang out on the couch talking with you or doodle with markers -- but no screens. Otherwise, it is too enticing for kids to fake illness. And if you follow my work, you know I don`t think kids should be using screens during the week anyway.


Kathleen Notes: I hear a lot of this struggle from parents. Please check out the "parakeet" article in addition to this one if this is a struggle at your house. Even though they may struggle, your rules are there to protect them and help them to grow.

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