Coping With Your Child’s New Neurodevelopmental Disorder

Many families each year receive a child`s new diagnosis of a neurodevelopmental disorder, diagnoses such as learning disabilities and delays, speech and language delays, Autism, and ADHD. The news of the diagnosis can be a relief for some families or can feel overwhelming and shocking for others. The diagnosis is not within parents’ control, but there are many things parents can do to move forward after receiving this news.

First of all, it’s helpful for the parents to maintain as positive a perspective as possible. Children are more than their diagnoses, as the diagnoses are only part of how children function. A diagnosis simply gives some clear understanding of the struggles and provides a direction of how to assist with the struggles. Our children are fearfully and wonderfully made even with this new diagnosis. God has a wonderful plan for our children and that plan has not changed.


Kathleen Notes: Finding support for you and your child is important: family, friends, school, church. In addition, make use of mental health counseling, occupational, speech, and/or behavioral therapy to find solutions.

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