Listening To Your Spouse
Communication is more than just speaking and thinking that your message will be heard and understood. Meaningful communication is much more than just a one-way street.  Effective communication requires less talking and more listening, hearing, and responding. It requires being intentional. While communication happens when one person speaks to another, it`s never just a one-directional event. True communication is dialogue where relationship is nurtured. The listener hears and digests the content and reflects information back to the speaker. The listener plays a powerful role in helping the speaker to feel heard. Good communication bridges a gap between people allowing an exchange of words, actions, and emotions. It moves us from isolation to community....
......James 1:19 says that we are to be "quick to hear, slow to speak, and slow to anger." Communication is about listening first, but we cannot listen if we do not engage. Communication has to be about WANTING to hear, WANTING to know, and WANTING to share.

Kathleen Notes: We have a human need to be heard and understood. When both spouses feel that way, the rest is so much easier.

- - Volume: 6 - WEEK: 40 Date: 10/4/2018 5:49:42 PM -