Practical solutions for real parenting problems When Your Child Is Hellbent on Misbehaving: Time to Invite a Meltdown?
Sometimes we all just need a good cry. And kids, with their immature frontal cortex, need to cry more often than adults, to heal all those feelings that are making them act out. But that`s only healing if they have a compassionate witness -- the safe haven of a parent. Leaving your child to cry alone just traumatizes her, and gives her the message that she`s all alone with those scary feelings, just when she needs us most.

So when a child is acting out, remember that she`s "acting out" feelings she can`t express verbally.  That`s a signal that she has a full emotional backpack that needs emptying.  She just needs you to connect with her to help her feel safe enough. ...

.....When your child is making you or others miserable, it`s a red flag that he`s miserable inside and needs your help with his big feelings. That`s your cue to step in. He`s signaling that he needs you to hold him emotionally, and maybe literally. And he`ll keep acting out until you help him.


Kathleen Notes: THIS is how to avoid Childhood Emotional Neglect (CEN).

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