Madison - 12/3/2015  Plans give a look at building, intersections in Hill Farms redevelopment
Madison - 10/15/2015  Finance committee gives final OK to new Hill Farms state office building
Ken Notes: No property tax so we now need the area around this development to prosper. Also we need to have a HUGE implosion party for the current building -- fireworks -- brats -- beer -- live tv -- celeb at the plunger (Bob Uker??) -- I digress...
Madison Area - 8/27/2015  Paul Soglin: New Hill Farms building could spur Downtown redevelopment
Ken Notes: This could be huge and freeing up downtown sites would be perfect for new development. Have I ever mentioned using the DHFS building as a hotel? Of course they are not scheduled to move but they coooouuuullldddd???
Wisconsin - 5/28/2015  State could lease buildings outside Dane County under GOP plan
Ken Notes: One wonders how the State legislature knows it can improve on local government so effectively???
Wisconsin - 3/12/2015  Hill Farms secrecy earns Wisconsin Department of Administration black mark for openness
Ken Notes: I disagree here. This is a huge project that will impact the area in a positive way. I had information as did most developers that could put a project of this magnitude together. Wanting ideas on the table before the public weighed in make some sense to avoid the inevitable "best use" scenarios that would be brought to the table, but could not move forward (think Garver Mill here). If a qualified developer or firm was out of the loop I take issue, if those qualified were asked to create a platform for the debate that will now take place to begin I am OK. The key here is we did get multiple plans to review and they were reviewed on merit and feasibility. Not a bad starting point. Now lets move forward and allow the debate to continue!
Madison - 2/5/2015  State reveals winning bidder for huge Hill Farms project
Ken Notes: Interesting... You can see all the stories on the Project Here.
Madison - 2/5/2015  OPINION: Hill Farms project doesn't need secrecy
Ken Notes: Well said!
Madison - 1/15/2015  State has selected developer for massive Hill Farms project
Wisconsin - 12/11/2014  Hill Farms redevelopment project bidder paid $4 million to settle school overbilling claims
Ken Notes: Before we get excited about this, know that Miron is a good company that was trying to save money on projects. They now operate under an independent monitor for the next three years and have a new accounting firm. As a former Mayor in Neenah I followed this closely -- Miron made mistakes, corrected them and is among the elite in Wisconsin construction. I would hire them in a second...
Madison - 11/20/2014  Four groups in the running for massive Hill Farms development project
Ken Notes: There are some very impressive names on this list and a few that may be missing...
Madison - 11/17/2014  State officials to release names of Hill Farms redevelopment applicants
Wisconsin - 11/13/2014  Open records expert: State wrong on Hill Farms case
Ken Notes: To be fair both Cap Times and I ran the story and link to the RFP prior to the deadline. If a developer has an issue with the process THEY should step up now! I would be happy to support their right to bid as opposed to a list of who may bid. Also the city will have an option to weigh in here as well.
Madison - 11/6/2014  State moves ahead with massive, $196 million Hill Farms project on West Side
Ken Notes: Just a thought... what if this property became a Government Square with state local and county facilities. Up for consideration -- city hall, DHFS, the jail and county building, and of course transportation. It could also be the center of a new regional BRT transit hub. It is a great piece of property...
Madison - 10/30/2014  State moving forward on Hill Farms land sale, redevelopment
Ken Notes: I forgot this story and it is one of the largest stories out there. The RFP is here and is due November 7th. Thus a special addition!
MADISON Area - 6/5/2014  The new Brittingham Park Farmers' Market
MADISON - 5/23/2014  Controversial West Side apartment project will need supermajority City Council vote
Ken Notes: In ten years Hilldale could be the new urban center of Madison... I wish we could do a more MKE Third Ward type project but hey all boats...
3/20/2014  Analysis finds homes on Madisons popular Near West Side selling well, holding value
MADISON - 3/6/2014  Weston Place condo owners not backing down
Ken Notes: Weston, the Marina, we now have "Condo Wars" right here in little ole Mad Town. Attention writers, I want a credit if you use the phrase!!!!
Wisconsin - 4/18/2013  Permaculture ideas guide New Glarus area family farmer
Ken Notes: I loved this TED talk by Ron Finley: A guerilla gardener in South Central LA. This would be worth considering by the Madison Council...
MADISON - 3/28/2013  New DOT building will spur west-side development, alder says
Ken Notes: I agree that this one was due. 142 for million renovation on the old structure seems way high, I'll bet on the open market we could see some interesting adaptive reuse. How about an "open for business" office incubator. I also hope that on the radar is the DHFS building downtown. I sill envision a truly iconic hotel in this building.
Wisconsin - 3/28/2013  Walker proposes $1.5 billion in capital projects, most of which would be borrowed
Ken Notes: Good read. Lots of info on lots of projects...
Madison - 5/4/2011  Hill Farms neighborhood eyes National Register
Ken Notes: This would be interesting. It is a post WWII neighborhood with a lot of newer development around it. I like the neighborhood but I am not sure I want restrictions on my 1950's remodel project.
Madison Region - 2/26/2009  Home Inventory Varies Widely By Neighborhood